Braxton's Web Log

I post my new projects on here :)

In 2018 I started making E-commerce websites as a hobby. Fast forward 2 years, I have worked with companies across Canada advising in IT Support, Hosting & Networking, Social Media, Web Design, Business Solutions, Advertising, and General Online Marketing.

On the side, I have been producing music for 3 years. I have been recording local Artists and helping to produce their music. Over the years I have recorded with ever 15 artists and created over 30 songs. For solo music, I have almost 6 hours of recorded music.


Software Engineering & Front End Development

Computer Networking, Software Engineer, Cloud Architect

I have always been passionate about learning new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what I can create from my very own basement. I am constantly learning the new libraries and frameworks that allow me to build the ideas I have in a time-effective manner. Computers can be difficult but finding the simplest solution is almost always the best.


Audio Production &
Digital Design

Hip Hop, Pop, EDM, Lofi, Vocal Mixing, Producing, Etc

I have been producing music as a hobby for 3 years. I have been recording newer local Artists and helping to produce their first few tracks. My main focus is on providing music in any genre needed for a project bigger than the song itself. The beauty of creating music for me comes from helping others spread their own message.


Professional Skills & Personal Intrests

Here is a collection of skills I have gathered over the years, Hopefully more to come in the future.

Music Production

Electronicly produced instrumental music, I have released more than 200 tracks across over 5 genres

Public Speaking

Over 8 years of Improv experience, I was blessed to have the opportunity to perform across Canada.

Proactive Learning

My past experience copy writing for various companies have helped me in learning new industies.

Project Management

Various freelance projects and contracts have helped me develop a strong sense of project management

Computer Programming

With completed post-secondary education, I am constantly learning how to implement new technology.

Online Marketing

The value of marketing comes from telling your companies story, not just promoting your "boring" products

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